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What are Naukri Referral Reminders?

While sending out your Referral emails to employees, you can schedule reminders to be sent on future dates. These reminders can be set for 2 days, 4 days and 7 days from the day the referral email will be sent.

Are these reminders Automatic ?

Absolutely. Once set, the system will automatically send out a copy of your original referral email with the text ‘[Reminder]’ added to the subject line to all the original recipients of your referral email.

How can I set referral reminders ?

While creating your referral email, you can check option(s) to set email reminders for 2 days, 4 days and 7 days from that day. A 2-day default reminder is set for all new referrals; so in case, no reminder is needed, this can be unchecked.


How to choose which reminder options work best?

Reminders work as reinforcement to your employees in case they wanted to refer a friend but forgot about it.
To get the best results, reminders should be spaced out. Depending on your company policy on how many emails can be sent to employees per week, you could choose a combination of (2 day and 4 day reminder) or a combination of (2 day and 7 day reminder).

Should a specific reminder be avoided?

While setting reminders, an option to view ‘When these reminders will be sent’ is available. Using this knowledge, recruiters can choose to not set a reminder for a weekend or a holiday as employees are less likely to read emails on these days.

Can these reminders be disabled for a specific referral?

Yes, we now have the option where clients can let us know in case a referral reminder was set by mistake or is no longer needed. The same can then be removed by our backend team within 1 hour of request submission

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