Now, Boost your Referral Email Open Rates ! Get more applies

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Now, Boost your Referral Email Open Rates !
Use one of our innovative Subject lines.

Data suggests – sending the same subject line over and over again decrease the value of your referral email. Why ?

  • Your employees tend to get tired of the same stuff
  • Same subject line over a period of time may add to spam score
    (decreasing delivery rates)
  • Certain words may not fit well with your Employee referral theme
  • Most importantly, you may run our of ideas for innovative subject

So, what can be done ?

We have now provided a list of top subject lines that will help increase your referral conversion. Sample them below –

Tell your friends, we are Hiring !
Bring in the best, Work with the best
Help us catch a rising star. Refer a friend

Great times with your buddies, Now share the workplace
We’re looking for more brilliant minds like you.
Create a network of your smart friends, Refer them

 Friends don’t let friends miss a great career opportunity. Refer now
Make a difference. Help us recruit your friends
Do you have a magnetic personality ? Refer your friends

 We know that you know the very Best People. Refer them now.
Help your friends. Refer them now.
Got Friends? We need them. Refer now!
Do you know anyone for these positions ?

Share jobs to your network. Refer your friends now
Help your friend to join our company
Rush your Referrals, we are hiring !
Pull your buddies to the right place for a Better career !

Whats even better !

You do not need to choose these emails manually.
When you send your next referral email, we will choose one of these for you automatically.
This means you can now send out referral emails with pre-selected email lines and that too different ones at different times !

Let us know if you have any feedback for us.

Happy Hiring,
Naukri Referral Team