Naukri Referral – Guide to New and Planned Features

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Employee referral is a cost-effective way of finding the right talent through your employees’ network. Recruiters share open vacancies to their employees who in turn refer their contacts for these positions. Candidates referred by current employees are more likely to be aware about the organization’s culture. Also, research suggests that an employer is 7 times more* likely to hire a candidate coming through an employee referral than if the candidate applies through a non-referral route
*Source:, Sullivan associates, Career Xroads, Naukri Internal Research

Naukri Referral solution is a simple, easy to use application to create, track and manage your Employee Referral Program.Recruiters can reach out to employee’s contacts and their social networks from a single interface. With Naukri Referral tool, a recruiter can –

  1. Seek referrals for jobs posted on Naukri; Share multiple jobs in single mailer.
  2. Import contacts from multiple sources (including Outlook and Excel )
  3. Allow employees to share specific jobs to their friends and get referral applies
  4. Employees can also upload Referral CV themselves
  5. Receive all Referral responses on email and your Naukri account.
  6. Filter Referral responses in single click; Download Referral Data in Excel
  7. Track all Referral data (shares, views, applies in single place) in a click
  8. Showcase all Referral Jobs to employees (New Feature)

  1. Post a job privately; Run a Referral for only your employees and their contacts.
  2. Invite Referral without posting job on Naukri
  3. Customize referral mailer or select one of our rich mailer theme
  4. Securely store contact lists for each recruiter
  5. Save your Email Templates for Re-use later
  6. Create custom reports for Referral Payout
  7. Set automatic reminders to employees
  8. Email forwarding not allowed in office ? Naukri blocked for employees? No worries.
    Employees can share job to friends through our widget ( it works without access to (New Feature)
  9. Track How many Referral CV uploads by employees (New Feature)
  10. Referred Friend digest mailer – Referred friend gets intimated about being referred by a friend (New Feature)
Brand better , create your own banner
Upload your own image
Choose the required area out of it and send it in referral email

How would I enter employee email IDs for sending referral mailers to them?
1. Employee email-ids can be imported from multiple sources, so you are not restricted to a import contact sources.
2. LinkedIn and Microsoft Outlook contacts can be downloaded in to an excel sheet and then uploaded to the system
3. Contacts in your Gmail and Yahoo email accounts can be imported in a single click
4. Contacts can also be added through just an excel sheet (emails entered in one column or comma-separated emails in a single cell)Employee FAQs
1. How do I benefit by sharing a job on a social network?
Every time you share a job, your contacts can see and apply through the shared link. In case, the position gets closed through your shared link you will be eligible for the referral benefit
as decided by your organization’s HR policies2. How will I get to know when one of my contact applies through my shared links?
Every week you will receive an email containing details of all candidates who have applied through any of the links you shared.3. Will I still get a referral benefit if a third or fourth level contact applies to the link I shared on my social network?
Even in cases where your shared link gets propagated by your contacts, you will get the credit for that referral because you initiated that link on to that network.4. What if the same jobseeker applies more than once through referral links shared by multiple employees?
Jobseekers cannot apply to the same job twice using their Naukri profile for a period of 1 month. In case, jobseeker applies using their unregistered profile also, the duplicate applies can be easily tracked using the date of apply and referral benefit can be given to the employee who referred first.5.In case i forward the email to my friends or share the URL with my contacts separately, will I still get a credit for that Referral?
Yes, if you copy the URL from the referral mailer and share it with your friends, Referral will still work and will be credited against your name.

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