Is your Referral program recruiter friendly?

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Does your Referral program work for your Recruiters ?

We always make sure that a referral program is so designed that an employee is able to give us good referrals.
However, we often overlook recruiters’ comfort while structuring an employee referral program.

Your program may turn out be a failure, if you fail in justifying comfort of either employees or recruiters.  The challenge here is to make both ends meet and provide a perfect platform for both the parties.

How can you make your referral program a success for your recruiters?

1. Automated Referral Tracking System:
It’s time to change the traditional spreadsheet technique for tracking your referrals.
Get it automated. Let the system track on it’s own who referred whom.

Track referral interface in naukri referral (click to enlarge)

2. Referee Management:

Adopt a system which sends automatic updates to your employees about their referrals.
This can be a weekly update, since employees won’t like their mailbox to be flooded with these updates.

3. Closure Reports:

No need for recruiters to manually maintain referral closures and their payouts.
Recruiter can now identify these through reports for a defined duration.

4. Import contacts from your choice of Source

Let not your recruiters be limited to just a single source for collecting contacts.
Ease recruiters’ work by giving them multiple options to choose their desired contacts/employee email lists  –   recruiters can select from social media options, outlook and simple excel to import contact lists and send them referral emails.
Learn how to import contacts from Outlook, LinkedIn and Excel

5. Multiple Branding Options:

Cut down the recruiters time on interaction with design teams to get referral mailers designed. Choose a program with an inbuilt branding feature. Learn how to brand better
Preview some our best used Email themes
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Happy Hiring !
Naukri Referral Team