Interview with Benazir on getting 1 L+ followers on NaukriRecruiter

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Benazir from Pranav HR has crossed the 1 L follower mark on NaukriRecruiter. Here is what Benazir says about her achievement as told to Vridhi Chowdhry, Naukri Product Team.

Benazir - NaukriRecruiter profile

How has your journey been with NaukriRecruiter so far?
NaukriRecruiter is a really wonderful platform for connecting with jobseekers. I created my NaukriRecruiter profile in October 2013 after my manager introduced me to the benefits of using NR platform. Within 2 months, I got 6000 followers. After sometime, the number of followers was stagnant for 2 weeks. I was very worried, so I contacted NaukriRecruiter team to understand the ways to increase my followers. I learnt that updating profile and posting jobs regularly can help in increasing followers. Since then I started posting all my requirements on my NaukriRecruiter profile.

How does it feel to have 1 L+ jobseekers following your updates?
I had resolved to get 1 lakh followers on my profile by Jan 2015. I was very excited when I achieved my goal on Jan 28th, 2015.

I am very much thankful to NaukriRecruiter for providing a wonderful platform to connect with jobseekers. I want to post a message to my followers to thank them for helping me reach this point. Now I want to get 20 L followers on my profile.

What expectations did you have when you created your NaukriRecruiter profile?
I had heard that NaukriRecruiter helps a lot in recruitment as we can get a lot of responses for our requirements. It is a platform for connecting with jobseekers.

How has NaukriRecruiter changed your way of hiring since you joined?
I post all my requirements on my NaukriRecruiter profile. I get a lot of relevant responses and private messages from jobseeker. It has helped me in closing many requirements including many senior level positions such as Branch Manager, Senior Branch Manager etc. Now 40% of my hiring happens through NaukriRecruiter.

What does it take to reach 1 L follower mark?
I post at least 1 job in every 15 days and update my profile and jobs very regularly. By doing this, jobseekers find me easily in recruiter search and recognize me as a very active recruiter. As a result, I get 1000 additional followers within 2 weeks of posting a new requirement. This has helped me increase my followers. Also, I have shared my profile in my social networks. I got a lot of likes, comments and followers from there as well.

When I am using portal, I regularly attach my NaukriRecruiter profile to my jobs and emails that I send to jobseekers regarding job vacancies. This is the other way in which my followers have increased.

How have so many followers helped you in recruitment?
I get a lot of applications and messages due to my followers. I have been able to close senior positions as well from them. I also get a lot of calls from clients because of my Naukrirecruiter profile. This has helped in building more tie-ups as I have also shared my company website link on my NaukriRecruiter profile. The applications to my company website have also increased due to this.

Many jobseekers contact me because they have seen my profile on Naukri. They recognize me as a good recruiter as I have a lot of followers. I also got an early promotion because I can close positions more efficiently now.

What is the most useful feature of NaukriRecruiter?
The ability to view all responses for a particular position online and shortlist candidates is very useful in comparison to checking responses on email.

In your view, how should be NaukriRecruiter ecosystem develop going forward?
NaukriRecruiter profile is a great platform for showcasing profile to jobseekers and connecting with them. It helps recruiters in fulfilling requirements by posting jobs and getting responses. If recruiters regularly update their profiles and post jobs, they can get a lot of benefit from NaukriRecruiter. So there could be a contest for recruiters to update their profile and post jobs so that more recruiters will be encouraged to hire through NaukriRecruiter.