How to automate your Employee Referral in easy steps ?

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Now that you are here, tell us the truth !

Automating your employee referral program has been on your wishlist for ages
and you still haven’t been able to get it right. Correct ?

Well, as a matter of fact, lot of recruiters are not able to.
But it is changing. And, changing fast !

Lets understand this in a little more detail through some commonly asked questions:

Why is automation important ?

 Employee referral is a top priority item on your task list.
But there isn’t enough time to setup, maintain and pursue it.
There is so much required to be done –

  1. There is a lot of planning and iterations needed to create that perfect referral mail. 
  2. You need a launch-kit and branding to be associated for that ultimate launch that even employees like. 
  3. Email sent. You need to follow-up with employees for referrals. 
  4. Once employees become generous, your mailbox is flooded with CVs and you can’t keep a track of all of them. 
  5. Fast forward 4 days and employees start checking for ‘Updates’ 
  6. When you actually look to create and share updates, referral CVs are all over your inbox folders.

And, an even bigger problem lies in –

It’s a pain to track ‘who referred whom’ and ‘what to pay’.

So, what all can be automated in an employee referral program ?

  1. Right from creating of a beautiful referral mailer
  2. Crafting standard and colorful email template
  3. Automatic applies from employee’s social and public networks
  4. Managing Employee Email lists easily
  5. Automatic followups through Reminders to employees
  6. Hassle –free updation of all referral jobs in one place
  7. Position wise folder for Referral responses
  8. Status Management for all referral CVs
  9. Automatic Notifications to employees on referral status
  10. Automatic Report creation for referral payout (whom to pay how much)
  11. Running a private referral
  12. Automatic filtering on applies based on recruiter defined criteria
  13. One-click branding change in all places where employee referral is available
  14. And many more …..
 An automated employee Referral program gets 40% more closures
in 50% lesser time than a manually run referral program.
*Source – Internal Research

How can you get this automation for your Company Referral Program ?

Contact us for a free demo and we will take you through the whole process.

Naukri Referral tool : Watch a 2-min video on “How it works”

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Naukri Referral Team