How team/department specific referrals may be more successful ?

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Employee Referral

Employee Referral is no doubt, getting established as an important source of hiring in lot of companies. Among these, companies that have been using employee referral as a dominant source of hiring are now looking to increase adoption and effectiveness.
It is in this process that companies are experimenting with different approaches to take employee referral one step further.

New Experiments

Social Employee Referral, Employee referral on mobile along with partial automation of the whole process are some of the new ideas on the block. Technology is the key enabler here.
You can get in touch with us to understand these more.

Department Specific Referrals – A Wonderful Thought !

Companies are also looking to get the maximum returns from their employee referral program by employing out-of-the box thought process.
Sharing team or department specific openings is one such novel idea.

Generally, when HR shares multiple openings across teams, employee has to go through these in detail to be able to bring a referral.  The major incentive for an employee is to share is either the referral incentive or help out a friend looking for a job.
It is this reason that companies are trying out if a department or team specific openings results in better and more referrals.

Does it work ?

Yes, it sounds logical as well.
An employee is more likely to understand her team dynamics, culture and work domain than for other departments.
An employee understands know-how , skill set and educational eligibility required for a role in one’s own team. And, can evaluate easily which of his contacts are more likely to fit in the team and stay longer in the company.
Some of these friends may be past colleagues or batch mates and hence, the understanding of how well a friend matches the job required even higher !

On top of this, a best performer employee is highly likely to know candidates of her own kind. This passive talent pool which is otherwise hard to find, can be easily targeted through employee referral.

 How can You achieve it ?

Sending targeted referral mails to employees for positions in their team is a simple yet effective idea. Recruiters can now use their Naukri account to enable this mechanism.

Naukri’s referral tool provides recruiters to create custom department-specific lists which can then be shared team specific openings. Employees are also more likely to share friends for their own team since they would want to work with same-type team members.

This can be better enabled by helping employees understand the process in detail.
Naukri referral tool provides a launchkit for employees to help them take through the process comprehensively. Do connect with us to know more.

You can get in touch with us to understand how to run a successful employee referral program.
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Happy Referral Hiring !

Ankur Agarwal
Naukri Product Team