How referral responses help you hire better and faster

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Do know more than 65% Indian companies have an active employee referral program?
And that half of these also provide referral incentives to employees.

These numbers reflect a growing trend amongst companies to move a considerable hiring percentage to Referrals . And, the major reason  is the proven quality and credibility of referral hires in comparison to direct market hires.

Top why referral hiring is preferred over other hiring mechanisms –

Creates a Collaborative environment

Hire like-minded people in teams using Referral hiring and promote teamwork!
Studies have shown that if employees get a favorable team, their productivity increases effectively.

Reduces Hiring COST

Did you know hiring through Referral reduces hiring cost by at least 60% as compared to the hiring done through other mediums?

Helps Reduce Iteration

Referral hiring gives you better quality candidates with higher credibility.

Also, if employee works in an environment where he is comfortable working, his productivity increase and in turn reduces iteration of the company as well.

Get Bonus applies from Social Media

Capturing employee’s social networks can be an effective way to hire like-minded professionals. Naukri referral hiring helps you tap the networks of your employees. Tap the passive candidates as well from your employee’s network.

Motivate Employees

Asking for referrals, motivates your employees as they feel they have a say in the company and that their company has a flat structure allowing everyone to participate.

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Happy Referral Hiring !
Naukri Referral Team