How Employee Referral Program helps your company build a brand for itself ?

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Have you ever thought that who talks the most about your company ?
Who speaks of it day-in, day-out in almost all her conversations?
Look no far ! Its your Employee.

It is a well known fact that employees beam of a lot impressions about their employer in the market. It is even more true in case of prospective candidates looking to apply in your company!
Employee Referrals are a great source of building and bettering your brand amongst your future employees.

Consider this, all your best job descriptions and beautiful placement presentations can never match the impression a happy employee boasting about his company can give to a future hire. And why not !

All candidates being referred by your employees rely heavily on the information provided by the referrer. Right from company culture, to cafeteria, to work policy, leave structure , to compensation details; everything is so much influenced by your employees.
It thus, makes huge sense that your future hires come through your trusted, happy employees’ network.

Using Naukri’s Employee Referral Tool, you can now target your employees for specific positions for requesting a referral. Employees can share the position in a single click to all their networks.
All applications through your employees’ network gets automatically tracked and received in your email as well as Naukri response manager.
You get not just job applications, but job views as your job gets shared to multiple levels in employees’ social networks.

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Read quickly about the tool in the presentation below.