Get your employee to refer a friend FASTER!

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Send multiple jobs instead of single ones

  • Don’t flood employee’s mailbox with referral mails.
  • Space out referral mails – it gives employee time to find the right talent.

Group your Referral jobs into categories

  • Remember that not all your employees have similar work patterns.
  • Categorize the jobs and the recipients according to relevancy and receive apt responses.


Referrals through ‘Top of mind Connections’ only will not suffice

  • Allow them to invite referrals through their social or personal networks like whatsapp, Alumni groups
  • Expand their horizon and let them give you an option to receive unique CVs.
  • Give Employees options to refer friends , from Anywhere, Anytime through Mobile

Your Employees will never Stop making friends;
Give them an opportunity to help you

  • Share ‘All Referral Jobs link with them;  You never know whom they are in touch with.
  • Use reminders to help them in case they missed out on any past referral emails
  • Make a general CV invitation option open for them in intervals.

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Happy Referrals !
Naukri Referral Team