Convert ‘likes’ into ‘applies’ with new ‘Careers tab’ for your Facebook pages

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Careers tab powered by Naukri.comIn the ever expanding suite of social recruiting tools from, we are glad to announce the availability of a new product starting today in the Naukri rostrum –

‘Careers tab’ for your Facebook pages

Facebook is the number one website in India and world, in terms of time spent by users. While it started from personal connections and communication, increasingly Facebook is being used by companies and brands to engage with their loyal fans.

Users tend to follow company pages on Facebook for a variety to reasons – To express themselves, To show their association, but first and foremost to get regular updates from the company. A post by a company can reach anywhere between 2% to 10% of the company fans without even spending a penny on the ads. And when a fan likes such a post the propensity for it to appear on his friend’s wall is even higher.

Facebook company pages can be an important and powerful channel to attract and engage with potential employees .

Companies now regularly post interesting updates from inside their organization which interests potential employees and creates a positive perception about you as an employer. For example – the new product you just launched, and the marvelous piece of engineering design which went in to make that happen, or the new continental food counter in your cafeteria which employees are liking so much, or the result of the latest employee survey where your company was ranked as the best places to work or just words from an employee who is all praises for you for the support and understanding your organization had.

We are sure you are doing it too or are planning to do in near future.

While you are doing all this, you no longer have to wait for results to pour in from a different channel at a later date.

With the new ‘Careers Tab’ from naukri which gets added to your existing Facebook page, you can showcase the current openings in your organization right on the Facebook page itself.

The candidates will be able to see the details of the job and apply to the job from inside Facebook itself. All this while the control of what jobs to post remains in hands of recruiter. The backend is nicely integrated with naukri tools, so you can choose to replicate the jobs you post on on your careers tab, and also see and filter through the responses together.

Contact your account manager today to get ‘Careers tab’ on your company’s facebook page.For anything else contact us at

Happy recruiting,

Nitin Awasthi
Naukri Product