Benefits of attaching NaukriRecruiter profile to jobs on

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Following are the benefits of attaching NaukriRecruiter profile to jobs on

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1. You will get 30% more relevant responses to jobs.
By displaying your photo NaukriRecruiter profile, you can enhance the credibility of your jobs. Your jobs are promoted to your relevant followers bringing you more relevant applications. Jobseekers searching for recruiters can also find your jobs displayed on your profile.

2. Adding your face creates your personal brand with jobseekers.

If you have displayed your NaukriRecruiter profile on jobs, jobseekers will be able to recognize you as an active recruiter. Jobseekers can view other positions that you hire for and follow your job updates.

3. Relevant followers of your NaukriRecruiter profile will be notified of your job on Email.
Automatic updates will be sent to jobseekers based on their profile. Your current and past jobs will be automatically updated on your NaukriRecruiter profile.

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