5 ways to enrich your Employee Referral Program

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Automate the Process

  • Let your employees spend little time on referral activity – make it easy for them
  • Inform the employees about referred CVs status at every stage


Clarity on the Job content

Employees should be able to understand the job so as to share them; Because –

  • They would not want to spam their friend’s mailbox
  • Ultimately, they are putting their personal reputation at stake


Flexible Reward System

  • Referral benefits should be set wisely, i.e., higher rewards for crucial positions.
  • Employees should be given options to choose their rewards.
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Advertise your Referral program

  • Shoot a mailer to your employee network launching this tool
  • Make your mailers brand ready; make it impressive.
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Acknowledge the hard work

  • A word of appreciation can keep the employees motivated and active.
  • Involve the top management in giving social recognition to the referee.


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