10 Tips for getting good responses to your Job Postings

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For best responses to your job posting,
1. Enter rich, relevant keywords so that jobseekers can find it easily

2. If required, use Keywords Recommendations to enter most appropriate keywords
Learn How to use Keywords Recommendation

3. Ensure your job description is well explained

4. Enter correct salary for most appropriate applies; you can keep the salary hidden.

5. Please choose the Industry and Functional Area carefully for your job.
In case of missing values, please choose the nearest values.
Industry is the sector of the employer while Functional Area is the department of the company where the job is.

6. Use branding options – Highlight your job better to jobseekers

7. Please specify correct location of the job.
Remember best among the jobseekers do look at the job location before applying to a job.

8. Job description title should be self-explanatory to your ideal candidate.
Job description Title is one parameter which is given importance by Jobseekers.

9. Apply Filters to your posting to get only relevant applies.
Read more to know How to apply personalized filters to your jobs.

10. Reach out to maximum candidates. Broadcast your job to your Social Networks
Learn How Broadcasting a job works.

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