Introducing Assessed Candidates in Resdex

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Now shortlist relevant candidates faster and take data-backed hiring decisions with assessed candidates in Resdex.

Resdex now provides you a pool of candidates that have been pre-assessed on different popular skills. These assessed skills are highlighted separately against the candidate profile to allow you to quickly differentiate between candidates that are actually qualified in a particular skill and those who have just mentioned it in their profiles. A new assessed candidate filter also helps you shortlist relevant candidates faster than before.

Why is it important?

When it comes to hiring the best talent, pre-hire assessment is one of the most useful tools out there. These assessments provide an objective way of gaining insight into the capabilities of the prospective employee. When looking to hire the top talent, a normal CV screening may not be reliable enough as candidates may include misleading information. On the other hand, a candidate with a pre-assessed skill offers a level of surety about their expertise on that particular skill, hence enabling quicker and better decision making for the recruiter.  

Therefore, Resdex, your trusted resume database of relevant jobseekers now offers you a pool of candidates pre-assessed on popular in-demand skills. With the availability of pre-assessed skill against a candidate profile:

  • Easily verify authenticity of skills the candidate has mentioned on their profile
  • Save time and efforts in going through the entire profile
  • Quickly find more relevant candidates by filtering the pre-assessed candidates from search results in a click
  • Take objective, data-backed hiring decisions

How it works?

Recruiters will now see an assessed skill filter on the search results page when they conduct a search on a popular tech skill like AWS, Data Science or React in Resdex.

To find an assessed candidate, recruiter selects the assessed candidates filter. The search results show all candidates who have passed assessment in the selected skill. Recruiter can check the time frame when the candidate has passed the assessment by hovering mouse on an icon right against the skill.

Recruiter can also see the assessed skill in the Key Skills section on the CV preview page. The message is same on hover as on the SRP tuple.

Start using Assessed candidates in Resdex today to shhhortlist the relevant candidates faster!